Gracewood Estates

Gracewood Estates is a proposed residential community offering 52 two-bedroom and 44 one- bedroom luxury apartments in Islip. Gracewood Estates is designed with a Hampton-style architecture surrounded by a large greenspace including a landscaped driveway entrance, courtyard with central gazebo, manicured gardens, and specimen trees. Gracewood Estates is an ideal option for Islip residents looking to downsize and stay in-community as well as for first home seekers who desire to stay close to their Islip roots.

Gracewood Estates is proposed for development on land that has been vacant since the dismantling of the Islip Speedway, situated between the Freeman Avenue industrial park, single family residences and Spur Drive South. Gracewood Estates will form an enclave of natural beauty and aesthetic design that will not only enhance the value of the larger community but also integrate well with future planning.

Gracewood Estates will be developed and managed by the owners, comprised of three families of life-long Town of Islip residents with extensive experience and expertise in all facets of planning, building and managing high quality residential communities. We pledge our commitment to the success of this endeavor and to future revitalization efforts through great pride and affection for the township we call home.  

We recognize the drawback of imposing an industrial complex adjacent to an area where residents are raising their families. We believe our plan to bring natural beauty and aesthetic design to the vacant remnants of Islip Speedway is the optimal way to serve Islip for generations to come.  


How will Gracewood Estates impact local schools?

Gracewood Estates will serve to increase the school tax base by approximately 200K. Based on data from similar sized developments, we estimate that 25-28 children will enter the Gracewood Estates community either through relocation from an Islip area school or as new to the system.

How will Gracewood Estates impact traffic flow?

Gracewood Estates will have its own driveway entrance/exit to Spur Drive South. Traffic may be moderately impacted during commuter hours. According to traffic study, any such impact will be far less than if the property was developed for industrial use in terms of significantly lower volume and the elimination of tractor-trailer traffic. Town of Islip has given assurance of no plan to open Freeman Avenue North to Spur Drive South.

Is the property of the proposed Gracewood Estates environmentally sound?

Yes, the wooded portion of the property has passed phase one inspection revealing no concerns. The stream on the west side of Freeman Avenue does not impact the property.

Will section viii mandates affect Gracewood Estates?

Gracewood Estates is a non-discriminatory rental residence and must adhere to federal and state mandates regarding affordable housing. Gracewood Estates is a luxury rental complex that will rent on the higher end of the rental scale with rent rates consistent for all tenants. It is our responsibility and priority to maintain a high standard when interviewing and evaluating prospective tenants, taking into consideration credit scores, employment stability, and character. Should a potential tenant present management with a rent assistance voucher, that tenant would be required to make up the difference between the voucher and the monthly rent rate.

Will the cul-de-sac at the end of Freeman ave be opened to south Freeman ave making Freeman ave a thru street from the Sunrise hwy north service rd to Spur drive south?

We have contacted the town and expressed that based on our conversations with the residents that Freeman ave remain as is.  That the residents do not want tractor trailers coming up from Sunrise Hwy to go to the industrial business or used as a cut through to Spur drive south instead of using route 111.

It is not our intention to have Freeman ave open north to south as part of our application. We concur with the residents and oppose any opening now or in the future.